Worn instead of a conventional athletic sock, Stable 26 footgear provides customizable support and unparalleled fit.Visit

Stable 26 footgear allows you to make even your best-fitting athletic footwear fit even better. Offering an entirely new approach to attaining the perfect fit, Stable 26 footgear uses silicone pads in anatomically targeted locations to provide improved support and an enhanced connection between your foot and your footwear.

Because of the highly customizable nature of the footgear, please follow the fitting guide for your sport (hockey, ski, running, golf) carefully to ensure you select the appropriate pads to attain the perfect fit.
Why does fit matter so much?

When the fit is not perfect (and it almost never is), there are small gaps where your foot is not adequately connected to your footwear. These gaps are called "negative space." Stable 26 footgear eliminates negative space, allowing the shoe, boot, or skate to work as intended without loss of momentum or power.

The rearfoot, specifically the subtalar joint, plays a key role in the function of the foot, knee, hips, and pelvis. In almost all activities, your body movements begin with, and are controlled by, the movements of your rearfoot – whether you realize it or not.
There are no "standard" foot sizes

Factory sizing assumes that everyone whose feet are the same length and forefeet are the same width will also have the same size of rearfoot. Footwear companies cannot possibly make enough combinations and sizes to create an ideal fit for most users. The best you can hope for is close enough.

That's why, when sizing footwear, most attention typically goes to the length of the foot and the width of the forefoot. Frequently neglected during a fitting is the heel and what happens at the rearfoot, even though the relative size and function of the rearfoot can differ dramatically from person to person.
Stable 26 focuses on the heel

Because the rearfoot controls the mid- and forefoot and the relative positioning of the leg above it, Stable 26 footgear for all sports include medial and lateral silicone pads to help you attain the perfect fit at the rearfoot.


We help athletes to achieve success beyond their perceived potential, raise their level of play and create the opportunity to realize their dreams by competing with, and often dominating, the best of the best. 
We hope the next athlete we set on the path to success is YOU.
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If you regularly play sports or participate in a regular exercise program you may expect to be injured at some stage in life.

Many injuries can be easily prevented through proper technique, training, and conditioning.

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